A Creepy and Unforgettable Experience in Vietnam

Mekong River

To talk about this story, I have something to tell first.

Three years ago, during the summer vacation, I participated in an international workcamp in Vietnam for 12 days. In this camp, there was a local volunteer, one of the locals who led this group, called Tomy(not real name). He was a special person having a special ability that he could feel something that was invisible to most people.

And, here was the story …

This was the third-last day of our workcamp in Sa Đéc city. During dinner time, there was full of joy and laughter. After finishing the meal, we started to have fun and play games. And Tomy played a trick on me and my friend, so we began to chase him in order to revenge. Then three of our members joined in this chasing game to help us catch Tomy.

We kept running and running after Tomy along the Mekong River. During our chasing game, we shouted one of our partner’s name, “Elic”(not real name), out loud several times. (It’s always not a good idea to call the other one’s “name” at an inappropriate place.) In addition, we didn’t notice that we have run too far until Tomy had some strange behaviors. On the right side of the bank, there’s a small house used to worship something or someone. He stopped instantly at that small building, took several steps backward as slowly as possible, and then walked towards us. But right at this moment …” somebody” joined our game, too. What’s even worse was that “its” target was “Elic”. During our way back to the homestay, Elic fell to the ground and grazed his hands, knees, and thighs. He said he felt an invisible and strong power pushed him from his back.

When we came back to the homestay, Tomy asked us to take a shower immediately. Because “it” CAME BACK WITH US, too. After the shower, we gathered to perform some kind of ritual. And it must be finished before the paper which with the portrait of the ghost on was totally burned. Finally, we completed the ritual although it didn’t go smoothly during the process. Fortunately, “it” was gone forever. It’s not going to follow us anymore.

This is my story. Even now I still remembered that I was so scared that I couldn’t stop crying then. I think I’ll never forget this “experience” and how I felt at that time.



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